CTK  aims to be a multicultural local church, with the mission to change the world from our location, through the universal message of the gospel. As a part of our missionary purpose, we have church planting and revitalization projects. We also work in partnership with other faith based organizations that have the common goal of transforming lives through the biblical and reformed gospel message from the greater Boston area, to the entire country, until the ends of the earth. 

Mission Light of Valley (Missão Luz do Vale, in Portuguese) is a non-profit faith-based organization created by a group from the CTK network that's been in operation for over 10 years. The group has at its foundation a core commitment to the missionary expansion of God's kingdom. The mission also aids in the establishment of christian communities, as well as social justice needs related to children and families.

The "Luz do Vale" mission does not spearhead its own projects. It's objective is to support churches or other institutions in the maintenance and development of social projects and assistance to needy children, by redirecting resources raised by "Luz do Vale" through offerings and other donations.

We have previously partnered with the Mission on youth programming in Brazil, and first collaborative church planting project with  is supporting CTK Philadelphia (CTK Philly), the first Portuguese-language PCA church in Greater Philadelphia. The church is lead by Pastor Diogo (Lead Planter), Pastor Alberto (Assistant Planter), Spencer Ewing (Planter Apprentice).



Each month, we send out a newsletter with ministry updates and prayer requests about the Project. Please view our previous newsletters below. 



For more information, please contact us at ctkmissions@gmail.com.