The mission of the Couples' Ministry is to help couples in the church work as one, studying the word of God and living better lives as Christians. By helping each other, they glorify God through growing and edifying the body of Christ. Specifically, the Couples' Ministry seeks edification through:

  • Prayer - We understand that for a family to be strong, it needs to pray a lot, among other things. We must seek divine guidance for families, the ministry, and our meetings. 

  • Communion - As part of God's family, we have the responsibility to get to know, and learn more about, our brothers and sisters in Christ. As our church continues to grow, we seek to create community in smaller groups so as to not lose the spiritual importance of fellowship. 

  • Integration - Through these groups we can learn more about our brothers and sisters, and at the same time, continue to edify them through prayer and mutual support.  

  • Study of the Word - The Word of God is the foundation, the sustenance and the authority for all things--especially for the life of a family. Therefore, through reflection of God's Word, we want to strengthen, restore and bring together the couples of the Church around the Word of God.



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