The CTK Music Ministry is dedicated to providing music on Sunday mornings that engages the congregation in genuine worship. Our worship service seeks to uphold biblical principals as established by the word of God through order and structure, in accordance with the Presbyterian doctrinal guidelines.  We seek to worship God through the singing of contemporary and traditional hymns that resonate with a wide range of generational and cultural expressions.



Music Team: The Music Team consists of experiences singers and instrumentalists who help lead congregational singing during Sunday services. Members serve on a rotating basis, based on need and availability. Rehearsals take place on Saturdays at 6:30pm. The team prepares hymns and worship songs from a variety of styles.

Special Music: Several portions of the service, such as prelude and offertory, include special music ranging from Classical works to contemporary Christian songs. Soloists and small groups may offer selections during these appointed times.

Choir: The Choir consists of 20 vocalists who occasionally sing choral works during the service. Rehearsals take place on Saturdays at 4:30pm.

Projector/Sound: Every Sunday we need volunteers to help behind the scenes in running the laptop for our song lyrics and in running the soundboard.



For more information or to join the Music Ministry, please tell us a little about yourself or contact us directly at